Thursday, 29 September 2011


I have fallen head over heels in love with google+

It has all of the positives of the other social networks (excepting the userbase at present but it's growing fast) and none of the drawbacks.

Sign up, browse amazing photography, communicate with random celebrities or just kick it with your friends and best of all you can fulfill these needs seperately from each other or all together it's up to you.

Anyway feel free to follow me or +1 me here Mr Bunny Chow

Lots of love and TTFN as Always

Mr Bunny Chow

Friday, 2 September 2011

Baby Deals

As an expectant father I always keep an eye out for Baby Deals like these.

A quick note on this section

Just to try and keep things simple I have decided to run my blog in separate sections with this section devoted to reviews of products, books, etc etc that I feel deserve mention be that good or bad.

My original blog will continue to run and be dedicated to the rants and essays for which I have become known.

There is also now a shop where I will put goods available through amazon which I feel deserve you to spend your hard earned money on. Yes I will earn a small commission for this but it does not affect the price you pay vs. the main Amazon site so I would greatly appreciate you custom.

I will happily welcome any suggestions for items you want me to review and will give an honest unbiased review regardless of the item.

Thank you for your continued feedback


Mr Bunny Chow